Paint Removal

Van den Kerkhof & Son Masonry also provides paint removal services.

Many heritage buildings and structures over the years have been painted in an attempt to seal the brick and preserve stone. Unfortunately, this process of painting did not preserve as intended; instead, it has caused damage to some structures and created an obstacle for masonry restoration. A lot of heritage buildings and monuments have been painted with lead-based paints; by having an in-house team we are able to ensure the safest and best removal process is done. We work closely with environmental consultants to ensure all standards are met or exceeded.

Efflorescence Removal Services

Efflorescence is a common issue throughout BC due to the wet weather; it occurs on heritage buildings, monuments, and new construction. The efflorescence may need to be removed prior to masonry restoration or you may want to clean up and remove the efflorescence to bring back the original look.

We have a skilled team to provide the services and we pride ourselves on using only environmentally friendly cleaning products, and in doing so we bring you excellence in the cleaning and restoration of your delicate surfaces.

We Protect Your Facility

As with all our project sites, protecting your facility or home is a high priority. We set-up and take down protective measures to ensure that no water enters or damages your property.

We have done paint removal and efflorescence removal on many new homes and commercial buildings. A few of the sites around the city are The Sylvia Hotel, St. Georges Jr. School, The Metropole, Waterfront Station, City Square, Stanley Park’s Japanese War Memorial, and The Spencer Building.

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